DFW CPG Huddle

Managing “The Big 3”: Sales Channels + Distributors + Your Own Departments

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With 40 Years of CPG experience, Kenny Chandler has touched on all aspects of the industry from conceptualization, structuring of the legal entity, development, production, sales/marketing, distribution, finance/divestiture, and more.

Professionally, Kenny co-founded Talenti Gelato and helped grow the brand to eventually be acquired by Unilever. Then he moved into the role of VP of Natural and Specialty Sales for Ciao Bella Gelato and has since started his own consulting company, Colossal Company to help CPG brands in every stage, navigate challenges and create a clear direction of strategic growth. This huddle focused on The Big 3 topics that can keep your brand focused on growth and reduce headaches.

This event was hosted on Thursday, October 13th, 2022, from Noon – 1 pm.

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