Brand Profile: Lewie

Brand Profile: Lewie

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Lewie: The Brand Making Smiles the Centerpiece of Beauty

Originally founded in 2017, Lewie took its first true form in January 2022 after meticulous evolution of its products and branding. The brainchild of Dr. Amanda Lewis, a seasoned cosmetic dentist who has owned and managed practices since 2006, Lewie sells beauty products that spotlight the smile as a natural focal point for every beauty regimen. Amanda’s prior experience largely orbits around sales and service, but the journey over the past five years has been a roller-coaster of learning. The recent opportunity to join DFW CPG will only help accelerate Amanda’s dreams for Lewie. Now, by connecting with like-minded CPG entrepreneurs in the Dallas area and backed by a strong team including Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Brian Hammer, and Chief Beauty Officer, Jayme Hanna, Lewie is poised for even greater success.

It all started with a simple concept a decade ago: a lip balm and dental floss combo. Despite the rigors of expanding a dental practice and a growing family, Amanda’s idea was too compelling to fade away. The inspiration was evident – seamlessly integrating dental health into the everyday beauty routine. Merging the ubiquity of lip balm with the often-neglected dental floss seemed like the right place to begin. Navigating the challenging transition from service-based businesses to a product-driven company, Amanda acknowledges the general business skills gained from running dental practices as an indispensable experience in launching Lewie. 

When Amanda first launched her brand with the product Floss & Gloss, she always believed in its potential to revolutionize personal care. But like all businesses, there’s always that one family member who will give you the most candid feedback. For Amanda, it was her father. Always supportive and ever proud, he was thrilled about her first product but remarked, “This is great, but I won’t use it. I don’t use lip balm, but I do like the picks.” That offhand comment, light-hearted and honest, set the wheels in motion. Amanda quickly sketched out what would later become her brand’s second patented product: a uniquely designed floss pick. 

More memorable validation arrived during a product test in Amanda’s dental office.  A patient professed his love for Lewie’s floss – not just for himself but for his cat too. This led to Amanda receiving a delightful video of her patient flossing his cat’s pearly whites to ensure they were pristine. Truly, oral health and beauty know no bounds! 

In addition to the utility of Lewie’s products, Amanda and her team work hard to ensure that all ingredients are as natural as possible, preferably organic.  Jayme is a master naturalist in addition to being a holistic esthetician.  They want everyone to know what all of the ingredients are and why they are there —  to gain a level of trust as they continue to grow the brand.    

Every startup faces challenges; for Lewie, it was the COVID-era production lag and expensive shipping. A setback came from an oversight on perishable products’ shelf life. Yet, the setbacks were formative, teaching the value of trust and prudent ordering practices. Today, the brand is zealously refining its products with a dedicated team. 

Currently, Lewie’s picks are available to purchase online at and on Amazon.  With a robust pipeline of ideas, Amanda and the team are getting ready to launch an amazing whitening system to brighten smiles before the holidays. They are fine-tuning the formulation and hope to introduce the whitening system very soon.

Collaboration remains at the heart of Amanda’s management style, believing in the collective power of passionate individuals. As for the future, Amanda envisions a paradigm shift with Lewie, aligning oral care with daily beauty practices. Beyond products, the Lewie team aspires to establish a charitable arm, a testament to their commitment to spreading smiles far and wide.