Brand Profile: All Y’alls

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How rare is it for someone to pull off the unimaginable? Something like meatless jerky? Well, that’s what All Y’alls Foods founder Brett Christoffel did in 2018 when launching It’s Jerky Y’all with plant-based proteins instead of animal-based ones.  As a native Texan, making jerky from plants seems counterintuitive – but not to Brett. It all started with his love of animals, not just cats and dogs, but all of them. This not only led him to become a vegan but start a company in a state that is one of the largest beef producers in the world. 

Coupled with Brett’s compassion for animals, he wanted to make better-for-you snacks after learning that a leading cause of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes was the consumption of animal proteins. To help his fellow Texans and Americans get the jerky they love without the beef, launching All Y’alls Foods was a no-brainer. He knew he wanted to nourish consumers with healthier jerky made with plant proteins while only using one-thirteenth of the resources used to make it with animal proteins. Brett also sourced the finest ingredients, including whole non-GMO soybeans, because great taste is very important to any consumer.  And with It’s Jerky Y’all flavors like Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Prickly Pear Teriyaki, and Prickly Pear Chipotle – including Big Crunchy Bacony Bits Y’all rounding out All Y’alls current protein portfolio — is there a better way to enjoy plants?  

Brett’s interest in business and work ethic started early in life, beginning with cutting lawns during Texas’ hot summer days at age 12. As an adult, he worked his way up from a regional merchandise manager to corporate sales management over the course of a 22-plus-year career. He opened a raw organic vegan juice and smoothie bar back in 2013, which not only sharpened his business acumen but also led to his learning how to use a dehydrator. In running All Y’alls Foods for the last five years, his CPG experience has grown tremendously and being a graduate of the SKU accelerator in 2020 has been impactful also. He praises the company’s experienced executive team and advisors who together bring around 100 years of best-practice expertise to every facet of the business.

When discussing the challenges All Y’alls has overcome, Brett laughs and says, “there have been many, but they typically centered on co-packers or fulfillment partners over the years.” The great news for the company going forward is that its co-manufacturer is in a new facility and positioned to grow with All Y’alls Foods for years. With a strong co-manufacturer in place, Brett is able to focus on securing investors while wearing his other dozen hats and making sure things happen when they need to.

If you ask people who know Brett’s management style and greatest strengths they might cite his humility, integrity and always having a “will do” attitude – and especially being open to all ideas outside of his own. Where does this all come from, Brett will tell you that it started with his dad who was his mentor and instilled internal confidence in him. This led to doing what many believe was unimaginable – plant-based jerky, made in Texas, growing the business – by starting with a love for all animals and doing his best to protect them and the planet.